Turkey Day in Autumnhold!

I’m horrible for not updating, I know.  I have almost a gig of food pics and recipes that need to get put up here but I’ve gone back to school full time and it’s kickin’ my ass so here’s another try at attempting regular posting. :-þ~~

Thanksgiving was pretty typical in my family when I was growing up; grandparents, sometimes aunts, uncles, and cousins, my folks, and my sister sitting down to a big turkey dinner with all of the trimmings including a gods-awful Lime Jello Avocado Whipped Cream Salad Monstrosity of which we were forced to have at least two bites.

Now, being persona non grata with my blood family (except for two of my spawn), hubby and I like to make huge holiday potluck meals and invite friends over for food, fun, and games.  Holidays in general, but the fall holidays specifically, are (for me anyway) simply wonderful opportunities to spend time with my family of choice; my dear friends, my amazing husband Paul, and whichever spawn are in town and not doing the holiday with their father. 

Holidays, casual Dinner and Gaming gatherings, even the monthly Stitch ‘N Bitch that we’re looking into planning are time for friends to gather, create memories, and make those bonds of friendship as tight as unconditional love can make them.

This Thanksgiving I met two new people who are simply delightful   Hubby and I always ending up loving all of our dear Lady Sammo’s friends and last night was no different.  We hope to have the opportunity to hang out with these folks many times in the future!  We also reconnected with the now-grown son of another dear friend.  It’s funny how a boy can grow up so much in 8 years, don’t you think?  lol 

So it was a Thanksgiving like many others; a house full of people, piles of aluminum and ceramic dishes covered with foil, and my turkey in the oven.  Long story short, by the time my turkey was finely done, four people had had to leave so our dear Sammo and her crew of Ed, Julie, and Eric saved the night because they had brought over enough food to feed an army even without my turkey!  Thank you, Sammo!  😀

So let us start with the turkey, shall we? *note* None of these photos are mine because chaos visited our home last night and well… all but a couple of us had imbibed a bit and we were more interested in assembling the Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle than taking pictures.

Here goes nothin’!


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